Support all process of heatith examination service

From order, appointment・・・ until to of report issuance, invoice

Reservation calendar screen and Results input screen

Reservation calendar
・Reservation status Management in calendar
・display the information of course or station, and by color-ordering display, the availability is grasped at a glance

Health examination request screen
・Manage reservation information by entering health examination courses and options
・It is also possible to accept on the day of those who do not have a reservation and add inspection items on the day
・Simultaneous input of medical examination ticket information for specific medical checkup patients

Laboratory Inspection System Connection
・By connection with the laboratory inspection system, inspection orders and results be received available
・label printing at the time of ordner generation

Issuance of information forms and questionnaires
・Necessary consent forms, information forms, questionnaires, etc.
・Collective output of forms according to the course for each examinee

Results input
・It is possible to manage numerical values, findings, and judgments and create screens for inputting interviews, inputting at the time of medical examination, etc.
・By connection with PACS, it is possible to cooperation start corresponding image.

Input status list display
・List the input status of the medical examination results
・Display data organization status and judgment input status for each field
・Display items can be set for each login user

Judgment support function
HbA1c judgment support(e.g. HbA1c judgment support)
・Logical expression checks between multiple items, multi-step checks of the same item, etc.
・Decision support is possible by incorporating the know-how of the person in charge into the system

Form creation function

・Form creation corresponding to various formats
・By connection with the image filing system, key images are affixed to the report and applied to the medical examinee service ・In the case of an individual additional examination in a company medical examination, all the results are printed on the personal report. Only the company request items are printed on the report to the company.
・By connection with PACS, it is possible to cooperation start corresponding image.

Various maintenance functions
Set applicable courses, amounts, and criteria for each contract
・Generation management
The duties load reduction in case of the master change is supported
(e.g.To prepara the generation master particularly beforehand which will change from 1st. January.)

Various enhancements functions option

Expandability can be further improved

Web reservation, inquiry, result delivery
(Cloud Services)

・Medical examinees can access the web and enter appointments and inquiries
・The inputed results are reflected in the medical examination system in the in-facility via a cloud server

Transit management
Check the number of people waiting for each measurement and inspection point and the passing status of each examinee

Operation management
List whether or not it was implemented for each business process

Reservations with medical reserves and order link-up

Measuring Instruments Online
By connecting with the measuring device, the measurement results are taken in online

* It is assumed that the device is compatible online

Various data output
・Data output for specific medical examination and return support
・Data output for Japan Health Insurance Association
・Aggregate data output

Collect booking information
Excel file of reservation information from the office is taken in and reflected in the reservation information at once

OCR compatible