Support the cooperation with various modality of patients attribute information and order information・Labor saving for work load by input on the modality side, To prevention the input miss

Multi-vender correspondence
Connected to various specifications regardless of host system or equipment maker be easily

Total number counting
Output the counted data such as inspections or images by each modality

Image inspection
Inspection before transmission available by Image-Inspection-Server building

Simple package correspondence
In a request which capable of dissolving a complicated labor for inputing the patient attribute information on equipment side, The simple package that cooperated with electronic health record or order ring system be provided.

Alphabet letter-kanji conversion
Change the information of the modality which supported only by alphabetical character to the kanji information, and send them to PACS
*It is a premise that the kanji information could be acquired from medical affairs systems

MPPS correspondence

Print irradiation record bills

Dose of radiation management system

Optimization web application tool for dose management


Let the operation much smarter by the web application

RDSR acquisition

CSV data acquisition・Manual input

Various total count・CSV output

Image quality evaluation support by the PACS Viewer cooperation

System constitution figure

Solution for health examination facility – Examination car MWM・RIS system

Matching the information of the core system by the data which took into the facility, Report & viewer of the button form for health examination facilities

Take the image data into facility easily which attribute information was given with