For General Hospitals

The integrated management of each department system is a feature of our packaged software
Switch smart and simple from complex management and maintenance
We are proud to be able to build freely according to the needs of each hospital, department, doctor, and everyone

For Clinics

Build as many features as you need. While taking care of customization, we will propose optimal configuration and operation by FORZ series integrated management

Other Suggestions

Multimodality PACS, inspections, medical examinations, radiation information management, reporting, etc. are provided by each department system alone, In addition, integrated management of each department is functioning Based on this, we are expanding scalability and possibilities by utilizing services such as AI and Cloud We will propose better products and solutions according to your needs and wishes

Department system integration and one-stop management

Choose the department system to suit your needs and take advantage of a one-stop FORZ integration system on a single server

Department information integration display screen “Line-View”

LineView provides Images, Inspections, Health examination, Documents, Scan data…
Integrated display of inspection results by time series

Video_Host System Connection and Cooperation start

Solid features

While standing on the front lines of a number of medical care fields, we have been advancing development with the highest priority on functionality from actual operation.
We provide products that summarize the needs and potential needs of the medical field into functions.

Emphasis on ease of use

We design from the perspective of clients and end users.
Listen to your wishes and requests.

Cost reduction

Integrated management eliminates the need for cumbersome maintenance and maintenance. In addition to the annual budget, the time cost of management can be greatly reduced. The gradual increase and decrease of systems and services eliminates wasted costs.

Reduced management effort

Each deployment system can be freed from separate server management, manufacturer- maintenance, and system maintenance. It will be our FORZ integrated management system. Leave it all to us.

Various options

We offer options that can be further expanded depending on the content of the medical treatment, We will further improve convenience and efficiency according to your wishes and needs.

Easy to deploy

By the system that can manage each department system in an integrated, one-saba, one-stop system,
One set of settings completes maintenance, maintenance, and link settings with higher-level systems.
Depending on the update time, you can increase or decrease the department system at any time as desired.