Information Security Policy

Established August 1, 2017
Excel Creates Inc.
CEO. Makoto Tanada

About Excel Creates Inc. we aim to be a reliable and secure company with the goal of obtaining the satisfaction of all people involved in our products, not to mention our customers.

Behavioral guidelines

1. Take appropriate organizational and technical measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets, and respond to changing information technology and new threats.

2. We will strive to raise and maintain awareness by implementing information security education and thoroughly disseminating the policy to all employees.

3. Set management system and information security objectives, review them regularly, and continuously implement and maintain improvements.

4. Delegate responsibility and authority to the person in charge of management in order to execute, maintain and improve the management system.

This policy shall be distributed to all employees and made known to all employees, and by posting it on our website, pamphlets, etc., we shall take measures that can be obtained by anyone at any time.

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