Input supporting function

Input work supporting for improve work efficiency

Utilize the Input supporting tool to make input page format available

例 A:定型文  B:リストボックス  C:チェックボックス 等
(e.g. A :Formatted report B :List box C :check box etc.)

Exclusive function for health examination facilities・Report creating

Report creating screen

The input Supporting for image reading report of health examination by button method

Treatment the twice reading interpretation

Personal list function for each radiologist to individuals

In connection with Matching process system・ Mission-critical system of health examination etc.
Support the various functions of system for health examination facilities

In correspondence with the output of various statistics data
Utilization as the case database

Physiology examination system connection

Filing the data of Ultrasonography・electr oencephalogram・ sphygmogram・etc., from various kinds of data formart like image, video or scan data, And creating various reports

The measurement value acquisition by DICOM-SR
・Acquisiting the measurement data(DICOM-SR) from Ultrasonography Device, And Reflecting the value in report on-line
・The measurement value would calculation processed by Physiology Examination System available


Utilized Pen-tablet device to input
・Various schemas be Preparaed
・Schema input with Pen-tablet available


Endoscopic report creating system [JED Project correspondence]

JED Project correspondence filing・reporting for Endoscopic image

Input by original UI
・Support the inputing smoothly with mouse or Ten-key by panel method
・Set the terminology as the order of use frequently,input modify is available for own facilities what the useful information except JED-terminology
・In connection with the result value for inputing such as height, weight or SpO2 etc.


Electronic Medical Record coordinated display seamlessly

Cooperation with examination company (pathology) to order and response results data connection

* The possible range of cooperation are nonidentical, depends on Electronic Medical Record or Examination Company which in I connection with