Main Function・ Features

DICOM / JPEG Scaned documents multi-filing available

Total management available of DICOM images, DICOM videos (MultiFrame), general-purpose images such as JPEG, scaned data, document files, etc.

System・facilities connection even made in other companies is possible

A: Viewer cooperation starting or ending from Electronic Medical record automatically
B: Paste the key image on the e-health record screen PC keyboard Operates electronic charts and viewers with a single mouse
C: Easily import DICOM images from other hospitals ,create DICOM media for introduction from viewer
D: Laboratory findings report making or medical treatment reporting book making of the key image pasting up

System cooperation video explanation

Shortcut with key customize QWERTY operation

・The same modality/same part on T1

・Last time, last time comparison etc. Display with one button

・Save frequently used display layouts as presets

Line-View Integrated display window

・Display time series results as thumbnails in patient ID units confirm overview to see when and what kind of inspection Visually display information that how long days have passed since the previous inspection
・In-hospital modality images, scaned data, and other facilities Integrate introductory media capture images and manage them totaly
・Display of specimen test and medical examination results Test results such as in-hospital blood tests and outsourcing test resultsHealth checkup history / results report,Displayed in the same timeline as image filing
※ It is necessary to introduce additional expansion options such as inspection systems and medical examination systems

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Various Options Function

・Soft copy facilities authorization correspondence
・Breast echo simultaneous indication

WEB delivery・multi-device correspondence
・Deliver it to the client PC group in the hospital with WEB viewer
・Cope with the multi-device indication with the tablet such as ipad
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Various reports such as an examination of radiation, physiology, the endoscope  etc.
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Remote image reading system
・Sending image data to doctor
・Filing of the result report

Health Examination Institution operating
Read more about Health Examination Solution

Device Interoperating System
・WEB reservation with neighboring medical institutions
・WEB result image delivery

DICOM conversion gateway
Convert the image data of the device supporting JPEG only into DICOM data and send it to PACS

3D-Work Station

※ When the function be using for Interpretation, the purchase of the FORZ-Work Station (option) would be necessary.
FORZ-Work Station  Confirmation No. 223AGBZX00009000