Various functions

Support realization of inspection works

Monitoring System & Result Indication screen

Patient information management
・Register and manage information on infectious diseases, irregular antibodies and special diseases in patient data base
・ Patient unit information is linked to the patient even if the order changes

Generation management of the master
・The duties load reduction in case of the master change is supported
・(e.g.To prepara the generation master particularly beforehand which will change from 1st. January.)

Arrivaled confirmation
The arrival confirmation screen will start automatically when reading the bar code,and processing the arrived information data

Display the results
・Real-time display of abnormal values ​​that are far from normal values, previous value check errors, and analyzer error
・On the progress monitor, grasp the request, result, and report status of the inspection on the screen using color marks.(e.g. ✖ △ 〇 ◎ )

Label issuing by distributing

(e.g. label issuing by depending in/out-patient
out-patient:[treatment room]; in-patient:[ward])

Expand connection Clinical Laboratory System available

   Cooperate with Host System ・On-line analyzer ・Cooperation with examination of out-hospital order ・examination of Hand method

Expand connection Clinical Laboratory System(system constitution figure)

【Report issuance】Report generation to various formats
【Accuracy management 】Displays output control result on-line from device / Graph generation of X-Rs-R control chart

Various functions enhancements option

Application as a integrated system which be combined liberally

Cooperate with Electronic Health Records & Ordering
Bidirection-cooperate with Order-Result by Electronic Health Records and Ordering System

Input of Hemogram・Urinary sediment・Myelogram
Display IP Message and Count-Scattergram with ten-key of keyboard

* Correspondence in the analysis equipment side would be necessary

Individual data inspection by logic (logic check)
Detailed check functions would be installed available
(e.g.・HbA1c twice measurement in the month
・Display the message of inspection request that without remuneration)

Blood collection tube system connection

Inspection result web upload in-hospital

Health examination system connection
・Connection between health examination system and order / result information
・Collecting test results for medical examination and sending them to the electronic medical record

Extension to physiological examination system

Uniform management construction of inspection department server
・Ultrasonography,electroencephalogram, electrocardiography, management
Physiological examination reporting system
・Web result distribution of ultrasound